Learning mode

Learning mode

You have successfully entered the POS.
The System starts in “learning modus” which is visible via the logo right on top.

As long as you are in learning modus one can change, edit and try to make transactions as much as they want.  Nothing will be stored.
Tip: Put your tablet or laptop with TopTouch backoffice active besides the PC POS and make your
adjustments.  Changes made in the backoffice will be visible within 10 seconds.

Edit the design of your ticket with header and footer in system page following this procedure:
– Login as manager, check login manager code if unknown in backoffice
– Option 1
– Option 2
– System
– Button header and footer to edit your ticket

See here how to define your ticket’s Header and Footer.

When the trial period is finished you can enter “live modus”  following this procedure:
– Close (if open) your backoffice account
– Login as manager ( check login manager code if unknown in backoffice)
– Enter button learning modus ‘Go Live’
– Confirm you want to leave learning modus
– Your system is ready to start working

The POS system cannot work without the login of a manager or clerk.
– Enter employee code
– Enter button staff

See here how to logon in the POS.