1. Management extension

1. Management extension

With the management extension, you have acces to the extended reports in the cloud. Here you will find more than 50 kind of reports which shows detailed sales information to the exact sales per employee. With these reports you can improve your marketing by knowing which articles sell well, which is less good or which cross selling is the best for your company. It is even possible to customize a report according to your own wishes.

In the report application, it is possible to view reports in the next categories.

1. Turnover - Turnover per PLU, department or group - With or without VAT - Payments and turnover analysis
2. Customers - Customers with or without turnover - sales per PLU - Detailed per account
3. Subscriptions - Active, used or expired subscriptions
4. Vouchers - Active, used or expired vouchers
5. Corrections - Corrected transactions
6. Inventory - Current inventory - Inventory value - Order advice
7. Suppliers - Sales per supplier - Inventory per supplier
8. Clerks - Sales per clerk - Top sales - Hour registrations
9. Custom reports - 10 customised reports with your own selected collumns
10. Transactions - Details of every transaction

Example report total turnover.

Example custom report.